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Rectangular wooden table (9 ft x 5 ft) that is 2.5 ft above the ground; it is divided in half by a net.
table sideline upper edge leg white tape net support center line playing surface net mesh end line

sideline click to hear

Line marking the sides of the playing surface.

upper edge click to hear

Line marking the upper edges of the tabletop.

leg click to hear

Support beam stabilizing the table.

white tape click to hear

Strip of material with a cord passing through it; the cord is attached to the net supports to suspend the net.

net support click to hear

Vertical piece that is 6 in high and stretches the net by means of white tape.

center line click to hear

Line that divides each table half into two parts; the serve is made diagonally.

playing surface click to hear

Tabletop with lines and edges; players hit the ball from one side of the table to the other.

net click to hear

Loosely stitched divider across the middle of the table; players must hit the ball over it.

mesh click to hear

The tiny squares make up the net; they are formed of interlaced threads.

end line click to hear

Line that marks the ends of the playing surface and the back line of the serving zone.