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tennis racketclick to hear

Racket with an oval head that is used to strike the ball; its maximum length is 29 in.
tennis racket stringing shoulder butt handle shaft throat head frame tennis ball

stringing click to hear

Synthetic or natural cords strung together to form a surface used to strike the ball.

shoulder click to hear

Base of the racket head joining it to the throat.

butt click to hear

Enlarged end of the shaft that prevents the hand from slipping off the handle.

handle click to hear

Part that the player grips to control the racket.

shaft click to hear

Elongated part of the racket that ends in the head.

throat click to hear

Part joining the handle to the racket head.

head click to hear

Oval part of the racket, including the frame and the stringing.

frame click to hear

Racket frame to which the stringing is attached.

tennis ball click to hear

Rubber ball that weighs about 2 oz and is filled with compressed air; it is covered with felt to make it more adherent.