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weightliftingclick to hear

Sport that consists of lifting the heaviest load possible (barbell) over the head using two types of lifts (clean and jerk; snatch).
weightlifting wristband sleeveless jersey knee wrap weightlifting shoe strap trunks weightlifting belt barbell

wristband click to hear

Band of fabric that is 4 in wide or less and is worn around the wrist to support it when lifting.

sleeveless jersey click to hear

Tight top that covers the torso while leaving the shoulders free; a T-shirt may be worn under the jersey.

knee wrap click to hear

Band of fabric 1 ft wide or less that is worn around the knee to support it when lifting.

weightlifting shoe click to hear

Shoe with an antiskid sole and raised heel that stabilizes the foot during lifting.

strap click to hear

Adjustable band for tightening the shoe around the foot.

trunks click to hear

Tight shorts that end above the knees.

weightlifting belt click to hear

Girdle that is 5 in wide or less and supports the dorsal and abdominal muscles during lifting.

barbell click to hear

Gym equipment made up of cast-iron disks of various weights attached in equal weights to each end of a long bar, which is lifted with two hands.