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course: moguls competitionclick to hear

Event that is held on a steep straight course with bumps that the skier uses to turn; two jumps are integrated into the run.
course: moguls competition judges’ stand stopping area safety fence finish line control gate mogul kickers

judges’ stand click to hear

Stand reserved for the judges who award marks based on three criteria: turn quality, jump quality and speed.

stopping area click to hear

Wide, relatively flat area where the skier can stop safely.

safety fence click to hear

Barrier bordering the course that stops the skier in the event of a fall.

finish line click to hear

Line marking the end of a moguls run; an electronic timekeeping system calculates the skiers’ finish times.

control gate click to hear

Space between the two gate poles through which the skier must pass; a moguls course usually has nine control gates.

mogul click to hear

Each of the mounds that dot the course; to obtain a high score, the skier must demonstrate control, flexibility and speed over the moguls.

kickers click to hear

Accumulations of snow designed to allow the skier to execute a jump; only straight jumps are allowed in a moguls competition.