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ski resort [1]click to hear

Resort area with the facilities required for skiing and snowboarding; it also lodges skiers and snowboarders.
ski resort [1] patrol and first aid station lodging expert slope difficult slope intermediate slope easy slope summit chair lift gondola ski lift arrival area alpine ski trail ski area main lodge summit lodge

patrol and first aid station click to hear

Building reserved for the ski patrol; it houses equipment for administering first aid to injured or sick skiers.

lodging click to hear

The businesses, buildings and dwellings that make it possible to enjoy a relatively long-term stay at a ski resort.

expert slope click to hear

Extremely difficult slope geared to expert skiers and snowboarders; these slopes are usually very steep and include moguls and tight turns.

difficult slope click to hear

Steep slope geared to experienced skiers and snowboarders.

intermediate slope click to hear

Relatively steep slope geared to intermediate skiers and snowboarders who know the basics of their sport.

easy slope click to hear

Wide gentle and well-cleared slope for skiing and snowboarding beginners.

summit click to hear

Highest point on the mountain; it marks the starting point of most alpine ski trails.

chair lift click to hear

Mechanical lift that is suspended from a single cable; it is made up of a series of seats for two to eight skiers or snowboarders who wear their equipment while going up and down.

gondola click to hear

Mechanical lift made up of a series of closed cabins that are suspended from a single cable; skis and snowboards are hung outside the cabin.

ski lift arrival area click to hear

alpine ski trail click to hear

Slope groomed for alpine skiing or snowboarding; a sign indicates the level of difficulty by means of a pictogram.

ski area click to hear

Network of trails that makes up a ski resort; they can be built on one or more slopes, on one mountain or on adjacent mountains.

main lodge click to hear

Building that brings together various services such as restaurants, bars, boutiques and day care.