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snowboarderclick to hear

Athlete who practices snowboarding; the snowboarder usually specializes in one particular discipline.
snowboarder glove snowboard shin guard coveralls goggles helmet

glove click to hear

Covering for the hand and wrist that protects them against the cold and snow in the event of a fall.

snowboard click to hear

Board with foot bindings that is designed for sliding over snow-covered surfaces.

shin guard click to hear

Piece of equipment made of hard molded plastic that protects the snowboarder’s legs.

coveralls click to hear

Skintight one-piece garment that reduces air resistance.

goggles click to hear

Equipment that protects the eyes against the sun and the elements; the filtered lenses optimize depth perception.

helmet click to hear

Rigid piece of equipment that is designed to protect the head; helmets are mandatory for racing.