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Concrete structure that is covered with an artificial sheet of ice; bobsled, luge and skeleton races are held on it.
track labyrinth 180-degree curve finish area deceleration stretch start: women’s and doubles luge start: bobsled and skeleton start: men’s singles luge

labyrinth click to hear

Series of at least three fast tight turns with no straightaways; a labyrinth is a mandatory part of every track.

180-degree curve click to hear

finish area click to hear

Area marking the end of a bobsled, luge or skeleton run; an electronic timekeeping system calculates the competitors’ finish times.

deceleration stretch click to hear

Slight incline meant to facilitate deceleration and stopping after the finish; fresh snow is sometimes added to it to improve braking.

start: women’s and doubles luge click to hear

start: bobsled and skeleton click to hear

start: men’s singles luge click to hear