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examples of freight cars [1]click to hear

The shape of the cars varies depending on the type of cargo being transported.
examples of freight cars [1] caboose refrigerator car hopper car intermodal car livestock car tank car box car

caboose click to hear

Car that is usually at the end of the train; it houses personnel, provisions and tools.

refrigerator car click to hear

Closed-box insulated car with a refrigeration unit for carrying perishable foodstuffs.

hopper car click to hear

Car for carrying bulk cargo; it has dump doors on the bottom for unloading the cargo.

intermodal car click to hear

Flat car for carrying semitrailers.

livestock car click to hear

Car with slatted sides for carrying livestock; it sometimes has two decks.

tank car click to hear

Car with a sealed reservoir for carrying liquids and gases.

box car click to hear

Car covered with a waterproof casing and having sliding side doors, for transporting cargo that must be protected from the weather and theft.