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examples of freight cars [2]click to hear

The shape of the cars varies depending on the type of cargo being transported.
examples of freight cars [2] depressed-center flat car gondola car bulkhead flat car hopper ore car hard top gondola flat car container car automobile car wood chip car

depressed-center flat car click to hear

Car with two extra trucks and a lowered deck for carrying heavy equipment.

gondola car click to hear

Open-top car for carrying heavy bulk material, such as scrap metal and construction material.

bulkhead flat car click to hear

Flat car with sturdy plates at each end for carrying loose cargo (usually logs).

hopper ore car click to hear

Usually open-top hopper car of limited capacity for carrying minerals.

hard top gondola click to hear

Gondola with of a retractable metal roof for carrying bulk cargo.

flat car click to hear

Car with a simple wooden deck for carrying large objects, such as pipes, logs and heavy machinery.

container car click to hear

Flat car for carrying standard-size shipping boxes.

automobile car click to hear

Multilevel car for carrying vehicles, which are strapped down.

wood chip car click to hear

Open-top gondola car with a large compartment for carrying wood chips.