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remote-controlled switchclick to hear

Device operated from a distance for opening and closing a pair of movable track rails (switch points) to guide a train from one track to another.
remote-controlled switch switch point closure rail point wire power switch machine switch rod pull rod

switch point click to hear

Movable rail that is machine-tapered at the end and connected to a parallel and similarly machined switch point.

closure rail click to hear

Two fixed rails located between a switch point and a frog.

point wire click to hear

Wire that connects the power switch machine to levers in the switch house.

power switch machine click to hear

Remote-controlled motor that provides the mechanical force for opening and closing the switch.

switch rod click to hear

Metal part located between two ties that maintains the distance between two switch points.

pull rod click to hear

Metal part connected to the power switch machine that opens and closes the switch points.