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manually operated switchclick to hear

Device operated by hand for opening and closing a pair of movable track rails (switch points) to guide a train from one track to another.
manually operated switch switch point slide chair pull rod switch stand check-rail switch signal frog closure rail

switch point click to hear

Movable rail that is machine-tapered at the end and connected to a parallel and similarly machined switch point.

slide chair click to hear

Type of seat on which the switch points slide.

pull rod click to hear

Metal part connected to the switch stand that opens and closes the switch points.

switch stand click to hear

Manually operated lever that opens and closes the switch.

check-rail click to hear

Metal part opposite the frog and inside the running rail that keeps the train on the tracks as the wheels pass over the frog.

switch signal click to hear

Device with an arm that is controlled by the switch stand; it is raised or lowered to indicate whether the switch is open or closed.

frog click to hear

Casting that makes it possible for wheels to roll smoothly over the point where two rails cross.

closure rail click to hear

Two fixed rails located between a switch point and a frog.