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rail jointclick to hear

Fasteners joining the ends of rails.
rail joint nut fishplate fishplate bolt dating nail tie plate running surface spike expansion space

nut click to hear

Hollow cylinder of metal whose lining is threaded to screw onto a corresponding bolt.

fishplate click to hear

Long steel plate that is fitted into the two sides of the rail webs to join them end to end.

fishplate bolt click to hear

Bolt-and-screw assembly that fastens a fishplate to rails.

dating nail click to hear

Nail attached to a tie that bears the two last numbers of the year in which the tie was laid.

tie plate click to hear

Metal plate placed between the rail head and the tie that helps to distribute the weight of the train on the tie.

running surface click to hear

Top of the rail head on which the train wheels roll.

spike click to hear

Large nail with a hooked head that fastens the base of the rail to the tie.

expansion space click to hear

Space left between two joining rails to absorb expansion due to heat.