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Moving panel with a handle, attached to the body by hinges or a sliding system, providing access to the passenger compartment.
door inner door shell trim panel lock interior door lock button armrest hinge accessory pocket window regulator handle outside mirror control assist grip interior door handle window

inner door shell click to hear

The door’s metal structure, serving to absorb impacts; it also encloses the locking mechanisms and, when it is lowered, the window.

trim panel click to hear

Component covered with fabric, plastic or leather, upholstering the inside of the door.

lock click to hear

Mechanism housed in the door to lock it; it is manipulated with a key or button.

interior door lock button click to hear

Visible end of the rod activating the lock; it is lifted or lowered to unlock and lock the door.

armrest click to hear

Support fixed to the door, for resting the arm.

hinge click to hear

Articulating mechanism supporting the door and enabling it to pivot while it is being opened and closed.

accessory pocket click to hear

Open compartment fitted into the bottom of the door, for storing small objects.

window regulator handle click to hear

Handily placed lever that turns to activate the mechanism raising and lowering the window.

outside mirror control click to hear

Lever for adjusting the position of the outside mirror from the inside.

assist grip click to hear

Handle allowing the passenger to pull the door inward in order to close it.

interior door handle click to hear

Mechanism for opening the door from the inside of the vehicle.

window click to hear

Side window that can be lowered; it protects against inclement weather while ensuring good visibility.