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beam bridgeclick to hear

Bridge whose deck is composed of one or several beams, which are supported by piers across the open space.
beam bridge overpass pier underpass deck abutment parapet continuous beam

overpass click to hear

Raised part of a road or highway on which traffic flows over another highway or obstacle.

pier click to hear

Sturdy load-bearing component placed at intervals to support the bridge’s beams.

underpass click to hear

Lowered part of a thoroughfare, enabling traffic to flow under another roadway or obstacle.

deck click to hear

Set of components making up the structure that carries the bridge’s traffic lanes.

abutment click to hear

A pier’s point of support on firm ground.

parapet click to hear

Chest-high barrier on each side of the deck, preventing people and vehicles from falling off.

continuous beam click to hear

Extended load-bearing part supported by abutments and piers.