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truck tractorclick to hear

Motorized vehicle equipped with a fifth wheel that pulls a semitrailer and supports part of its weight.
truck tractor bumper fog light headlight radiator grille fender wheel step fuel tank filler cap tire mud flap hood marker light air horn exhaust stack fifth wheel storage compartment grab handle sleeper-cab West Coast mirror wind deflector windshield

bumper click to hear

Malleable element partially absorbing shocks, thus protecting the body and the engine parts from damage.

fog light click to hear

Lamp whose light rays are directed toward the roadway and illuminate the road shoulder, by which the driver navigates in the event of fog.

headlight click to hear

Lamp on the front of the vehicle to light up the space in front.

radiator grille click to hear

Plastic or metal grating in front of the vehicle; it protects the vehicle’s radiator and serves as decoration.

fender click to hear

Part of the body covering the wheel.

wheel click to hear

Circular unit turning around an axle; it supports the weight of the vehicle and transmits the thrust, steering and braking actions.

step click to hear

Tread or set of treads built into the body for climbing up to or down from the cab.

fuel tank click to hear

Reservoir containing the diesel fuel that makes the vehicle self-sufficient.

filler cap click to hear

Part screwed into the fuel filler neck to close it.

tire click to hear

Circular deformable unit made of rubber, mounted on the wheel and inflated with air, providing the connection between the truck tractor and the road, and absorbing the unevenness of the road.

mud flap click to hear

Piece of rubber or plastic attached behind the rear wheels to repel projectiles.

hood click to hear

Lidlike part of the body covering and protecting the engine.

marker light click to hear

Yellow light in front and red in the rear demarcating the dimensions of the vehicle.

air horn click to hear

Device comprising two horns activated by compressed air and emitting a sound signal, most often to avert danger.

exhaust stack click to hear

Vertical upper part of the conduit that evacuates exhaust gas from the engine.

fifth wheel click to hear

Coupling device enabling the tractor to be connected to the semitrailer and supporting its front portion.

storage compartment click to hear

Compartment for storing bulky objects, usually accessible from the inside and outside of the cab.

grab handle click to hear

Vertical handle placed at shoulder height near the door, for gripping while climbing up to or down from the cab.

sleeper-cab click to hear

Part behind the cab fitted out with a bed or bunk beds and storage space.

West Coast mirror click to hear

Mirror fixed to the outside of the passenger compartment enabling the driver to see behind and along the sides of the vehicle without turning around.

wind deflector click to hear

Aerodynamic device mounted on the tractor’s roof to reduce the semitrailer’s wind resistance.

windshield click to hear

Glass and plastic pane protecting the occupants from inclement weather while providing good visibility.