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gasoline engine [1]click to hear

Engine in which a mixture of air and gasoline is compressed and ignited to produce an explosion whose energy is converted into mechanical energy.
gasoline engine [1] oil pan air conditioner compressor flywheel exhaust manifold spark plug cable cylinder head cover vacuum diaphragm distributor cap oil drain plug fan belt pulley cooling fan alternator

oil pan click to hear

Container closing the bottom of the engine block; it is the reservoir for the oil that lubricates the engine’s moving parts.

air conditioner compressor click to hear

Component of the air-conditioning system circulating coolant, which cools the air in the passenger compartment when it is hot outside.

flywheel click to hear

Disk connected to the crankshaft, which uses the kinetic energy produced at combustion to regulate the crankshaft rotation during the rest of the cycle.

exhaust manifold click to hear

Set of pipes at the exit of the cylinders, capturing the combustion gases to conduct them to the exhaust pipe.

spark plug cable click to hear

Electric wire carrying the high-voltage current from the distributor to the spark plugs, which produce sparks igniting the explosion.

cylinder head cover click to hear

Part of the engine covering the cylinder heads, where the fuel is burned.

vacuum diaphragm click to hear

Device connected to the distributor cap specifying the precise moment ignition must be produced relative to the engine’s rotation speed.

distributor cap click to hear

Unit supplying the electric current necessary for producing sparks that ignite the fuel in the engine.

oil drain plug click to hear

Plug closing the hole at the bottom of the oil pan through which used oil is evacuated.

fan belt click to hear

Rubberized bands mounted on a pulley and linked to the engine, driving the fan and the alternator.

pulley click to hear

Part attached to a shaft, whose rotational movement it transmits by means of a belt.

cooling fan click to hear

Mechanism with blades blowing air across the radiator in order to cool the liquid it contains.

alternator click to hear

Current generator driven by the engine, which recharges the battery to supply the electric system.