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production platformclick to hear

Facility used to extract underwater oil deposits; the separation and treatment of hydrocarbons are mainly done here.
production platform well flow line gas lift module export pipeline manifold Christmas tree production/export riser system crane helipad oil processing area anchor wires tubular member pontoon hull column lifeboat radio mast oil/gas separator flare derrick

well flow line click to hear

Steel tubes that carry crude oil from the producing well to the manifold; these tubes connect several producing wells together.

gas lift module click to hear

Device used to introduce pressurized gas into the deposit to force oil up in the well to increase production.

export pipeline click to hear

All the steel pipes that carry oil from the platform to the land facilities; the oil can also be transported by ship.

manifold click to hear

All the pipes and valves that carry crude oil from the well to preset points on the production platform.

Christmas tree click to hear

Group of devices at the head of the producing well that regulate the flow of oil being extracted from the deposit.

production/export riser system click to hear

Vertical steel tubes that link the wellhead and the drilling platform; the system removes mud and oil.

crane click to hear

Materials-handling device fitted with a rotating jib; a hook suspended from the jib is used to lift and move loads.

helipad click to hear

Site where helicopters land and take off.

oil processing area click to hear

Area where crude oil is pretreated at the head of the well.

anchor wires click to hear

They anchor the pontoon securely to the ocean floor to ensure the stability of the platform.

tubular member click to hear

Steel tube that connects the platform’s various hull columns to reinforce the structure.

pontoon click to hear

Submerged floating caisson at the base of the hull column; seawater or oil are stored here to stabilize the platform.

hull column click to hear

Large steel tube that rises above the pontoon; it supports the production platform above the surface of the water.

lifeboat click to hear

Unsinkable craft used to evacuate workers from the platform in an emergency.

radio mast click to hear

Metal conductor used to send and receive radio waves; it provides communications mainly with coastal stations and ships.

oil/gas separator click to hear

Device used to remove the gas from the crude oil from the well.

flare click to hear

Device that draws off and burns in the air unmarketable gases collected in the separator.

derrick click to hear

Metal structure erected over an oil well; tools for drilling through rock are raised and lowered through it.