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escalatorclick to hear

Installation that consists of articulated steps on a continuously turning chain; it allows movement between two levels of a building.
escalator lower landing upper landing comb step skirt newel balustrade handrail

lower landing click to hear

Platform located at the foot of the escalator.

upper landing click to hear

Platform located at the head of the escalator.

comb click to hear

Part with teeth that mesh with the grooves in the step, preventing objects from entering the escalator’s internal mechanism.

step click to hear

Articulated horizontal part for standing on when going up or down.

skirt click to hear

Section projecting from each side of the escalator; its function is to secure the balustrade.

newel click to hear

Rounded section of the balustrade, located on the landing.

balustrade click to hear

Chest-high part on each side of the escalator.

handrail click to hear

Moving part along the balustrade for holding onto.