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equipment [1]click to hear

Collective term for the materials, instruments and tools used for engraving and printing.
equipment [1] roulette drypoint burnisher copper plate brush rocking tool scraper

roulette click to hear

Instrument with a steel wheel containing several rows of regular asperities and used to create coarse-grained lines.

drypoint click to hear

Steel rod used to engrave a figure in copper by biting into the plate or the varnish covering it.

burnisher click to hear

Instrument used to refine the cuts and remove irregularities from the metal.

copper plate click to hear

Copper is the metal most often used in engraving because it is strong, is malleable enough for engraving and reacts to chemicals.

brush click to hear

Natural or synthetic bristles attached to a handle, used for spreading paint, varnish or stain on a base.

rocking tool click to hear

Tool with a thick rounded beveled steel blade; the row of vertical grooves on its sides gives the copper surface a uniform grain.

scraper click to hear

Tool with a pointed triangular blade used to remove burrs, thin strips of copper left on the edge of the groove made by the drypoint.