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proof pressclick to hear

Fixed-bed printing press with a cylinder that is moved along an engraved and inked board covered with a sheet of paper.
proof press counterpressure cylinder packing press bed rail paper sheet lever gripper

counterpressure cylinder click to hear

Roller that is moved manually to apply sufficient pressure to print the figure.

packing click to hear

Material (felt, cardboard, plastic) covering the paper sheet to provide greater cylinder pressure.

press bed click to hear

Plate on which the engraved and inked board rests, with the paper sheet on top.

rail click to hear

Each of the straight rails along which the counterpressure cylinder moves.

paper sheet click to hear

Sheet on which the raised figure is printed.

lever click to hear

Device that is pushed down to lift the strip that leads the grippers.

gripper click to hear

Each of the metal pieces mounted on a strip that holds the paper in position under the cylinder.