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acoustic guitarclick to hear

Plucked stringed instrument whose hollow body amplifies the vibrations produced by the strings.
acoustic guitar rib rose position marker soundboard sound box neck bridge purfling heel fret nut peg head

rib click to hear

Each of the thin pieces of wood that form the sides of the instrument.

rose click to hear

Ornament bordering the soundboard hole.

position marker click to hear

Piece of mother-of-pearl, wood or plastic imbedded into the center of certain sections of the neck.

soundboard click to hear

The upper face of the instrument; it receives the vibrations from the bridge and transmits them to the sound box.

sound box click to hear

The hollow part of the instrument; it amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the strings.

neck click to hear

Part of the guitar separated into sections by frets and along which the strings are stretched.

bridge click to hear

Piece of wood over which the strings are stretched; it transmits their vibrations to the soundboard.

purfling click to hear

Ornamental strip of wood around the edge of the soundboard and the bottom of the sound box.

heel click to hear

Projection at the lower end of the neck that connects it to the body.

fret click to hear

Metal piece that acts as a reference point along the string, dividing the neck into sections separated by a semitone.

nut click to hear

Small piece glued to the top of the neck; its function is to separate the strings and raise them between the head and the bridge.

peg click to hear

Piece of wood or metal that rolls the end of a string to adjust its tension to obtain the exact note.

head click to hear

The upper end of the neck, where the pegs are attached.