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bowclick to hear

A wooden stick with horsehair stretched from end to end; by means of friction, it makes the strings of an instrument vibrate.
bow head handle hair point screw frog heel stick

head click to hear

The upper end of the bow.

handle click to hear

Part held when the bow is used.

hair click to hear

Part of the bow consisting of horsehair that is rubbed across the strings to make them vibrate.

point click to hear

Part that secures the horsehair to the upper end of the bow.

screw click to hear

Threaded piece that moves the frog.

frog click to hear

Sliding part that secures the hair to the lower end of the bow; the frog is moved to adjust the tension of the hair.

heel click to hear

The lower end of the bow.

stick click to hear

Thin flexible rod curved along a third of its length and along which hair is stretched.