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broadcast satellite communicationclick to hear

Transmission of television signals (pictures and sound) to the general public by means of radio waves relayed by satellite.
broadcast satellite communication distribution by aerial cable network transmitting tower relay station home antenna transceiving parabolic antenna direct home reception mobile unit national broadcasting network Hertzian wave transmission private broadcasting network local station cable distributor satellite

distribution by aerial cable network click to hear

Signals can be relayed to the customer through a network of suspended cables.

transmitting tower click to hear

Facility used to transmit radio waves to a receiver so that television programs can be broadcast locally.

relay station click to hear

Facility receiving and amplifying signals from a transmitting tower and relaying them to another receiver.

home antenna click to hear

Small receiving antenna used by a subscriber to capture radio waves emitted by a transmitting tower or relay station.

transceiving parabolic antenna click to hear

Device with a saucer-shaped reflector that emits and receives radio waves.

direct home reception click to hear

Radio waves are emitted by a satellite and captured directly by the subscriber’s parabolic antenna.

mobile unit click to hear

Vehicle equipped with a transmitter that broadcasts live or recorded news reports or programs from locations outside a television studio.

national broadcasting network click to hear

All the public installations that produce and broadcast television or radio programs on a given frequency band.

Hertzian wave transmission click to hear

Hertzian waves, also called radio waves, are low-frequency electromagnetic waves; the full spectrum of radio waves is divided into bands for specific uses such as radio and TV. Each band is in turn divided into channels.

private broadcasting network click to hear

All the private installations that produce and broadcast television or radio programs on a given frequency band.

local station click to hear

Television station that is usually part of a national or private network.

cable distributor click to hear

Company specializing in the transmission of television signals to customers through a cable network.

satellite click to hear

Space vehicle placed in geostationary orbit at an altitude of 22,000 mi to transmit sound and visual signals in the form of radio waves.