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berries [2]click to hear

Small fleshy fruits containing one or several usually edible seeds; when they grow together in clusters, each fruit is called a seed.
berries [2] strawberry raspberry blackberry alkekengi cranberry

strawberry click to hear

The cultivated strawberry was bred from the smaller and more fragrant wild strawberry; it is very flavorful and is used raw or cooked, primarily in desserts.

raspberry click to hear

Generally red, there are also different-colored varieties; slightly tart and very fragrant, it makes an excellent coulis that can be incorporated into desserts.

blackberry click to hear

Grows on canes as does the raspberry, and is used like that fruit; the several trailing species are comminly called dewberries.

alkekengi click to hear

Covered in a thin, inedible membrane, it is slightly tart and not very sweet; it is often used to make jams and jellies because of its high pectin content.

cranberry click to hear

Too tart to be eaten raw, it is primarily used for making desserts, sauces or juice; a traditional accompaniment to turkey in North America.