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fleshy fruit: berry fruit [2]click to hear

Fruit in which the seed is surrounded by two distinct layers: an exocarp and a fleshy mesocarp that is in direct contact with the seed.
fleshy fruit: berry fruit [2] section of a raspberry receptacle seed drupelet sepal peduncle

section of a raspberry click to hear

The raspberry is an aggregate fruit; it consists of a number of small fleshy fruits attached to a common receptacle.

receptacle click to hear

Enlarged portion of the peduncle; it holds the raspberry’s drupelets.

seed click to hear

Structure formed by the development of a fertile ovule; it contains an embryo and nutrient reserves that enable a new plant to grow.

drupelet click to hear

The small fleshy fruits attached to the receptacle, each one containing a seed; they are derived from separate ovaries within a single flower.

sepal click to hear

The flower’s sepal remains until the raspberry ripens.

peduncle click to hear

Part of the fruit that once attached it to the terminal offshoot of the twig or branch.