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germinationclick to hear

Phenomenon by which, given favorable conditions, a seed will develop and grow into a plant.
germination root hairs leaf terminal bud cotyledon first leaves secondary root primary root radicle seed

root hairs click to hear

Root cell extensions that ensure the provision of water and mineral salts; they increase the surface area available for absorbing nutrients.

leaf click to hear

Usually thin and flat part of a vegetable that grows out of the stem and is specially adapted to capturing light and performing photosynthesis.

terminal bud click to hear

Bud that grows at the end of the stem, enabling it to grow longer.

cotyledon click to hear

First leaf, formed inside the seed; it provides vital food for the seedling, then withers and falls shortly after germination.

secondary root click to hear

Offshoot growing out of the primary root.

primary root click to hear

Root that emerges as the radicle develops; many secondary offshoots rapidly grow out of it.

radicle click to hear

First root produced by the seed; it quickly breaks through the seed coat and grows downward into the soil.

seed click to hear

Structure formed by the development of a fertile ovule; it contains an embryo and nutrient reserves that enable a new plant to grow.