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structure of a plantclick to hear

structure of a plant flower bud radicle root system primary root collar leaf shoot secondary root stem leaf node twig flower axillary bud terminal bud internode root hairs root cap

flower bud click to hear

Bud that opens and from which a flower grows.

radicle click to hear

Smallest offshoot of a plant’s root.

root system click to hear

The aggregate of the roots that anchor a plant to the soil and enable it to absorb water and mineral salts from it.

primary root click to hear

Underground extension of the stem resulting from growth of the radicle.

collar click to hear

Point where root and stem meet.

leaf click to hear

Usually thin and flat part of a vegetable that grows out of the stem and is specially adapted to capturing light and performing photosynthesis.

shoot click to hear

Seedling originating from a seed within the current year.

secondary root click to hear

Offshoot growing out of the primary root.

stem click to hear

Main part of the plant, extending from the soil to the terminal bud.

leaf node click to hear

Point at which a leaf or twig attaches to the stem.

twig click to hear

Offshoot growing out of the plant’s stem.

flower click to hear

Often colorful and fragrant part of certain vegetables that holds the reproductive organs; first it produces fruit, then seeds.

axillary bud click to hear

Bud that appears where an older leaf attaches to the stem; a twig will grow out of it.

terminal bud click to hear

Bud that grows at the end of the stem, enabling it to grow longer.

internode click to hear

Part of the stem located between two nodes.

root hairs click to hear

Root cell extensions that ensure the provision of water and mineral salts; they increase the surface area available for absorbing nutrients.

root cap click to hear

Casing that covers the root tip and protects the root from abrasion as it grows downward into the soil.