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tools for loosening the earth [4]click to hear

tools for loosening the earth [4] tiller motor tine starter frame clutch lever forward/reverse handlebar

tiller click to hear

Motorized machine that uses its rotating tines to turn over and loosen the soil and mix fertilizer into it.

motor click to hear

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.

tine click to hear

Cutting blade connected to a rotating axle; it digs into the soil to loosen it.

starter click to hear

Hand-activated device pulling a cable to start the motor.

frame click to hear

Metal structure of the tiller.

clutch lever click to hear

Lever controlling the tiller’s motion and the tines’ rotation.

forward/reverse click to hear

Mechanism for selecting the direction in which the tiller moves.

handlebar click to hear

Arm for steering the tiller.