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automatic teller machine (ATM)click to hear

Machine where customers use a bank card or debit card to carry out banking operations such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers and bill payments.
automatic teller machine (ATM) passbook update slot deposit slot bill presenter transaction record slot alphanumeric keyboard card reader slot display operation keys

passbook update slot click to hear

Customers can print out their account balances before or after a transaction.

deposit slot click to hear

Cash and check deposits and bill payments are enclosed in an envelope and inserted into this slot.

bill presenter click to hear

The machine is equipped with an optical device that calculates the number of banknotes to be issued.

transaction record slot click to hear

Receipt or record of a transaction that is printed after the transaction is complete.

alphanumeric keyboard click to hear

Series of keys corresponding to letters and numbers that the customer uses to enter personal data such as a personal identification number and a transaction amount.

card reader slot click to hear

The card is inserted into the device, which verifies the customer’s personal identification number (PIN) before the transaction can begin.

display click to hear

Screen featuring various menus and indicating the steps to follow to complete a transaction.

operation keys click to hear

Keys for using an on-screen menu to choose from items such as accounts, withdrawals, deposits and account balances.