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patient roomclick to hear

Room for hospitalized patients; it can be private (one bed), semiprivate (two beds) or common (more than two beds).
patient room privacy curtain patient resident nurse physician intravenous stand oxygen outlet bedside lamp toilet shower bathroom patient’s chair overbed table bedside table hospital bed

privacy curtain click to hear

Curtain used to separate one patient’s area from another’s or to provide privacy.

patient click to hear

Person who undergoes treatment, a medical examination or a surgical procedure.

resident click to hear

Graduate of medicine who does an apprenticeship of varying duration in a hospital as the final stage of medical training.

nurse click to hear

Holder of a degree in nursing, the nurse treats patients under the direction of the physician.

physician click to hear

Holder of a degree in medicine, the physician establishes the diagnosis and prescribes treatment and medication.

intravenous stand click to hear

Long metal rod with a hook that is supported by a base with casters; it is used to suspend a bag containing a solution that is slowly and continuously injected into the patient.

oxygen outlet click to hear

Device that supplies oxygen to a patient’s room.

bedside lamp click to hear

Adjustable light fixture secured to the wall at the head of the bed.

toilet click to hear

Plumbing fixture used to receive bodily waste; it has a bowl and a flusher.

shower click to hear

Sanitary fixture for washing the body under a spray of water.

bathroom click to hear

Room designed for personal hygiene; it is equipped with running water and sanitary fixtures.

patient’s chair click to hear

Chair for a patient or visitor.

overbed table click to hear

Table with casters and a tray that slides over the bed.

bedside table click to hear

Small table placed at the head of a bed; it might contain one or more drawers.

hospital bed click to hear

Bed with an articulated base, casters and bars.