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prisonclick to hear

Place of detention designed to hold people awaiting trial and people already serving sentences.
prison shower staff entrance assistant warden’s office laundry infirmary wardens office office visitors’ entrance inmates’ entrance library patrol wagon inmates’ admission office walk-through metal detector garage coatroom visitors’ front office visitors’ waiting room visiting room control of staff entries and exits kitchen chapel workshop multipurpose room dayroom cell control center grille classroom isolation cell picture window control center courtyard barred window indoor activity area dining room gymnasium

shower click to hear

Sanitary fixture for washing the body under a spray of water.

staff entrance click to hear

assistant warden’s office click to hear

laundry click to hear

Room where laundry is washed.

infirmary click to hear

Premises equipped to provide medical care to inmates and to treat minor injuries.

wardens office click to hear

office click to hear

Workplace for administrative personnel.

visitors’ entrance click to hear

inmates’ entrance click to hear

library click to hear

Room where items such as books, periodicals and audio materials are classified for consultation or loan.

patrol wagon click to hear

Vehicle for transporting prisoners.

inmates’ admission office click to hear

Room designed to receive and register new inmates.

walk-through metal detector click to hear

Visitors are required to walk through a magnetic device that detects the presence of firearms or other metal objects deemed to be dangerous.

garage click to hear

Structure used for parking vehicles.

coatroom click to hear

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

visitors’ front office click to hear

Reception area for people who want to see an inmate.

visitors’ waiting room click to hear

visiting room click to hear

Room set aside for visits; inmates and visitors are usually separated by a pane of glass.

control of staff entries and exits click to hear

Prison staff such as guards, cooks and educators are required to sign in and out.

kitchen click to hear

Room where meals are prepared.

chapel click to hear

Place of worship.

workshop click to hear

Area where inmates work in various fields such as carpentry, shoe repair and sheet metal.

multipurpose room click to hear

Room that can be adapted for a number of uses, including shows and film screenings.

dayroom click to hear

Common room used by inmates to chat and watch television.

cell click to hear

Room used to hold one or more inmates.

control center click to hear

Surveillance station designed to provide guards with a view of the entire prisoner area.

grille click to hear

Bars set inside a wall opening and used to close off a cell.

classroom click to hear

Room designed to provide formal education to a group of inmates.

isolation cell click to hear

Windowless cell used to confine an inmate who has committed a serious offense.

picture window click to hear

Opening containing a large window.

control center click to hear

Surveillance station designed to provide guards with a view of the entire prisoner area.

courtyard click to hear

Uncovered area that is enclosed by buildings or walls surmounted with barbed wire; the courtyard is used for outdoor activities.

barred window click to hear

indoor activity area click to hear

Games room equipped with table games, card games and such.

dining room click to hear

Hall where inmates eat their meals.

gymnasium click to hear

Hall for practicing indoor sports.