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K1 kayakclick to hear

Closed tapered boat that is propelled with a double-bladed paddle in a seated position; it has a rudder to facilitate steering.
K1 kayak tapered end rudder seat double-bladed paddle

tapered end click to hear

Tapered end of the kayak; the V-shaped hull is very unstable but can glide very quickly.

rudder click to hear

Submerged device with a rotating flat surface that is integrated with a vertical axle and used to steer the kayak.

seat click to hear

Position taken for paddling; once seated, the kayaker can control the rudder with a bar by using the feet.

double-bladed paddle click to hear

Instrument with two curved oar blades that are attached to a handle; it propels and steers the kayak by paddling on alternating sides of the boat.