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examples of skis [1]click to hear

Water skiing can be done on two skis (twin skis and jump skis) or on one ski (figures and slalom).
examples of skis [1] twin skis heelpiece binding fin bottom toepiece tip

twin skis click to hear

Very stable skis with broad tips that have various uses; one of the skis has a second binding so that it can be used as a slalom ski.

heelpiece click to hear

Back part of the binding that covers the heel and the bottom of the leg; it reduces sideways motion.

binding click to hear

Device that keeps the foot in place on the ski; it is usually made of natural or synthetic rubber and releases the foot easily in the event of a fall.

fin click to hear

Skeg at the rear underside of the ski that provides directional stability.

bottom click to hear

Carefully polished part forming the underside of the ski; it has different shapes (flat, concave or tunnel) depending on the desired effect.

toepiece click to hear

Front part of the binding; it covers the foot and part of the ankle.

tip click to hear

Front end of the ski; it curves upward to prevent catching on the surface of the water.