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playing fieldclick to hear

Rectangular surface (53.3 x 120 yards) covered with natural or synthetic grass on which a football game is played; a game consists of four 15-minute quarters.
playing field yard line inbounds line end line end zone goal line fifty-yard line sideline referee side judge umpire head linesman back judge line judge players’ bench

yard line click to hear

The solid lines at five-yard intervals that mark the distance from the goal line; at the start of a game, the ball is kicked off from the thirty-yard line.

inbounds line click to hear

The broken lines marking off yards; the lines and inbounds lines mark the line of scrimmage when play resumes.

end line click to hear

Line marking the far extremity of the end zone; the white area behind the goal is not part of the playing field.

end zone click to hear

Zone in which a touchdown (six points) is scored when a player crosses it in possession of the ball.

goal line click to hear

Line marking the start of the end zone.

fifty-yard line click to hear

Line dividing the field into two zones, one for each team; it is 50 yards from the goal lines.

sideline click to hear

Line demarcating the sides of the playing field; the play is whistled dead when the ball or a player in possession of the ball crosses it.

referee click to hear

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual ensures that the game is properly played and supervises the work of the other officials.

side judge click to hear

Official whose main role is to signal when a player crosses the sideline in possession of the ball.

umpire click to hear

Official in charge of checking player equipment and signaling infractions near the line of scrimmage.

head linesman click to hear

Official who signals stoppages in play and indicates exactly where to position the ball after it leaves the field of play.

back judge click to hear

Official who tracks the number of players on defense, follows the receivers and monitors the time elapsed between plays.

line judge click to hear

Official whose role includes timekeeping, signaling stoppages in play and officiating during kickoffs and punts.

players’ bench click to hear

Area for substitute players and coaches; a team’s players are divided into three units: offense, defense and special teams.