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jujitsuclick to hear

Sport of Japanese origin based on throws, holds and blows to vital points of the body; it gave rise to judo.
jujitsu competition area scorekeepers contestant obi gi tatami side referee physicians warning area safety area contest area timekeeper chief referee

competition area click to hear

Surface for practicing jujitsu.

scorekeepers click to hear

One of two officials who register the contestants’ points and penalties, as given by the referee.

contestant click to hear

One of two athletes who confront each other in a bout; contestants are usually classified into weight categories.

obi click to hear

Long wide belt that is tied around the waist to close the jacket; its color indicates the contestant’s level.

gi click to hear

Clothing worn when practicing jujitsu; it includes a cotton jacket and pants, which are usually white.

tatami click to hear

Thick mat with an area of 40 ft2 that is made up of smaller mat squares; jujitsu is practiced on it.

side referee click to hear

Two officials who stand outside the contest area and assist the chief referee; they are involved in the scoring of contestants.

physicians click to hear

Physicians tend to the contestants in the event of injury; their presence is mandatory and they may end a bout in the event of serious injury.

warning area click to hear

Red band that is 3.2 ft wide; it delimits the contest area.

safety area click to hear

Surface that is 3.2 ft wide and surrounds the warning area; it protects a contestant who is thrown out of the contest area.

contest area click to hear

Surface with an area of 26 ft2 on which the bout takes place.

timekeeper click to hear

Official who monitors the duration of the bout.

chief referee click to hear

Official who enforces the rules, directs the bout and awards the points and penalties to the contestants.