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Person who rides a racehorse; a jockey rides with very short stirrups and the body hunched over the horse’s neck.
jockey saddle riding cap shadow roll rein riding crop girth saddlecloth

saddle click to hear

Slightly curved part that is usually made of leather; it is laid on the horse’s back for the jockey to sit on.

riding cap click to hear

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

shadow roll click to hear

Part that blocks the horse’s view of the ground; this prevents the horse from mistaking shadows for obstacles to jump over.

rein click to hear

Strap that the jockey holds to control the bit to steer the horse.

riding crop click to hear

Thin flexible stick that the rider uses to spur on the horse.

girth click to hear

Strap around the horse’s belly that keeps the saddle on its back.

saddlecloth click to hear

Padded piece of cloth underneath the saddle that protects the horse’s back from chafing and protects the saddle from the horse’s sweat.