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Somewhat curved unit that is made mostly of leather; it is set on the horse’s back for the rider to sit on.
saddle eye tab tread branch stirrup leather flap panel cantle pommel tree seat skirt knee roll girth girth strap

eye click to hear

Slot in the top part of the stirrup iron through which the stirrup leather passes.

tab click to hear

Belt with small holes that is attached to the knee roll; the girth strap is buckled to it.

tread click to hear

Lower part of the stirrup iron where the rider’s foot is placed.

branch click to hear

One of two metal arms that connect the tread to the eye.

stirrup leather click to hear

Adjustable strap that hangs from the saddle to support the stirrup iron.

flap click to hear

Piece of leather that covers the knee roll and the tabs; the rider’s thighs press against it.

panel click to hear

Padding for the saddle that is designed to dampen impact and protect the horse’s back.

cantle click to hear

Back part of the saddle that is rounded slightly upward to support the lower back.

pommel click to hear

Front part of the saddle that is slightly rounded; the rider can hold onto it with the hand.

tree click to hear

Curved part under the pommel that is traditionally made of wood; it forms the front part of the saddle’s framework.

seat click to hear

Slightly concave part of the saddle on which the rider sits.

skirt click to hear

Piece of leather that is attached to the flap; it covers the stirrup leather buckles.

knee roll click to hear

Piece of leather that forms the side of the saddle; it mainly protects the horse from the girth strap buckles.

girth click to hear

Strap around the horse’s belly that keeps the saddle on its back.

girth strap click to hear

Small belt that is attached to the end of the girth; it has a buckle for attaching it to the tab to tighten it.