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snaffle bitclick to hear

Bit composed of a mouth and two side rings; it lifts the horse’s head.
snaffle bit rein ring jointed mouth full cheek snaffle bit with toggles toggles egg butt snaffle bit full cheek snaffle bit rubber snaffle bit

rein ring click to hear

Round part attached to the end of the mouth; the snaffle rein is attached to it.

jointed mouth click to hear

Part composed of two articulated bars that is placed in the horse’s mouth; it is controlled by the reins to steer the animal.

full cheek snaffle bit with toggles click to hear

Bit whose mouth has toggles, which make the horse relax its jaws.

toggles click to hear

Metal chains that hang from the middle of the mouth; the horse tends to play with these parts, which makes it relax its jaws.

egg butt snaffle bit click to hear

Bit composed of two fixed oval rings; it is designed to prevent injury to the corners of the horse’s mouth.

full cheek snaffle bit click to hear

Mouth with two side bars preventing the rings from entering the horse’s mouth, while relaying clear signals through the reins.

rubber snaffle bit click to hear

Bit made up of a straight mouth, which is covered with rubber; it is softer than steel and reduces the pressure of the bit on the horse’s mouth.