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competition ring [1]click to hear

Closed terrain marked with 12 to 15 obstacles that the horse and rider must clear in a set order while committing the fewest faults possible.
competition ring [1] wall veterinarians combination post and plank obstacle steward jury course steward first aid team double oxer water jump

wall click to hear

Obstacle composed of a set of usually wooden, stacking blocks; the top of the wall is rounded to prevent the horses from being hurt.

veterinarians click to hear

Doctors who treat animals; they examine the horses before the competition and may intervene in the event of injury.

combination click to hear

Set of two or more obstacles that are grouped together and count as a single obstacle; each of its obstacles must be cleared separately.

post and plank click to hear

Obstacle composed of wide movable boards (planks) that are laid one on top of another; planks are less stable than bars.

obstacle steward click to hear

Person in charge of righting the upset obstacles.

jury click to hear

Jump judges (usually four) who calculate the competitors’ penalties based on the course and the marking system chosen.

course steward click to hear

Official in charge of enforcing the rules and of the layout of the course; during the competition, the steward also controls who enters and exits the track.

first aid team click to hear

Medical staff who are ready to act in the event of injury to a rider.

double click to hear

Obstacle composed of two single components that are very close together; the horse must clear it in a single jump.

oxer click to hear

Two-part obstacle composed of movable parallel bars; there are two designs, one of identical heights (square oxer) and one of different heights (jumping oxer).

water jump click to hear

Obstacle made up of a water-filled ditch with a hedge in front; the horse commits a fault if it touches the water or the lath marking the end of the river.