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rock climberclick to hear

Person who climbs natural rock faces or artificial climbing structures.
rock climber rock quickdraw belay rope climbing shoe seat harness runner

rock click to hear

Steep rock face ascended by rock climbers.

quickdraw click to hear

Piece of safety equipment that consists of a runner used to keep the rope away from the rock face so it can slide freely and is not worn away by rubbing.

belay rope click to hear

Rope that secures the climber in the event of a fall to ensure a safe climb up the rock face.

climbing shoe click to hear

Soft shoe with an adherent sole.

seat harness click to hear

Accessory connected to the rope that consists of a number of straps to support the climber’s thighs and pelvis.

runner click to hear

Piece of equipment made up of two carabiners connected together by a nylon loop of variable length.