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.22-caliber rifleclick to hear

Lightweight firearm with a relatively short barrel; it shoots projectiles 5.6 mm in diameter.
.22-caliber rifle cheek piece trigger guard trigger palm rest hook front sight rear sight cartridges

cheek piece click to hear

Movable and adjustable part against which the shooter can rest his cheek when shouldering the weapon.

trigger guard click to hear

Metal piece covering and protecting the trigger.

trigger click to hear

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

palm rest click to hear

Part on which the shooter places a hand to support the rifle.

hook click to hear

Curved part that keeps the rifle under the shoulder to provide maximum stability.

front sight click to hear

Metal aiming device attached to the front of the barrel.

rear sight click to hear

Articulated graduated aiming device attached to the back of the barrel; the rear sight is lined up with the front sight when aiming.

cartridges click to hear

Ammunition consisting of a projectile (ball or lead), an explosive charge (gunpowder) and a primer collected inside a casing.