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safety bindingclick to hear

Device that attaches the boot to the ski; it features an automatic release system that frees the boot when too much pressure is exerted on it.
safety binding setting indicator toepiece heelpiece brake arm base plate antifriction pad brake pedal manual release

setting indicator click to hear

Scale that shows the binding release index (tightness); it is a function of the skier’s weight and skill level.

toepiece click to hear

Front part of the binding that opens at the side if the skier’s leg twists.

heelpiece click to hear

Back part of the binding that opens if the skier falls forward.

brake arm click to hear

Part that sinks into the snow when the boot is released from the binding; this prevents the ski from sliding down the slope.

base plate click to hear

Support plate for the binding that is placed on the ski.

antifriction pad click to hear

Part mounted on the toepiece that reduces friction between the sole and the binding and facilitates the release of the boot during a fall.

brake pedal click to hear

Device used to attach the binding by sliding the end of the sole into the toepiece and pushing down on the brake pedal with the heel.

manual release click to hear

Manual device that releases the boot from the binding.