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goalkeeper [1]click to hear

Player whose role is to prevent the puck from entering the goal; the goalkeeper, who faces shots reaching speeds of 95 mph, wears heavy protective equipment.
goalkeeper [1] goalkeeper’s pad catching glove face mask goalkeeper’s stick blocking glove

goalkeeper’s pad click to hear

Heavily padded piece of equipment that protects the goalkeeper’s legs, knees and thighs from the impact of shots.

catching glove click to hear

Basket-shaped glove that is closed by pinching the hand; the goalkeeper uses it to catch and immobilize the puck.

face mask click to hear

Cage attached to the helmet to protect the goalkeeper’s face and head; a flexible throat protector is attached to it.

goalkeeper’s stick click to hear

Stick featuring a large lower half and blade so that the goalkeeper can stop pucks more easily.

blocking glove click to hear

Glove mounted with a hard flat rectangular piece that is used to block shots.