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goalkeeper [2]click to hear

Player whose role is to prevent the puck from entering the goal; the goalkeeper, who faces shots reaching speeds of 95 mph, wears heavy protective equipment.
goalkeeper [2] throat protector goalkeeper’s chest pad arm pad goalkeeper’s skate goalkeeper’s stick

throat protector click to hear

Hard part secured to the goalkeeper’s mask that covers the throat and the neck; it rises and falls with the goalkeeper’s movements.

goalkeeper’s chest pad click to hear

Heavily padded vest that protects the goalkeeper’s shoulders, chest, stomach, back and arms.

arm pad click to hear

Part of the goalkeeper’s chest pad that covers the arm.

goalkeeper’s skate click to hear

Skate that is reinforced on the sides and equipped with a long low straight blade; it is designed to improve the goalkeeper’s balance.

goalkeeper’s stick click to hear

Stick featuring a large lower half and blade so that the goalkeeper can stop pucks more easily.