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short trackclick to hear

Four to six skaters who race against one another; the skater who finishes with the fastest time wins the race.
short track start judge protective mat coaches finish judges marker track chief referee

start judge click to hear

Official who gives the start signal and indicates false starts; a competitor is disqualified for making two consecutive false starts.

protective mat click to hear

Padding that covers the boards to cushion the impact when a skater falls.

coaches click to hear

Individuals who train the skaters; they devise strategy and give instructions to the skaters throughout the race.

finish judges click to hear

Officials who determine the order in which the skaters finish.

marker click to hear

Each of the markers bordering the track; it is made of rubber or plastic and is not affixed to the ice to avoid damaging it.

track click to hear

Oval 120 yd long on a standard rink; unlike the long track, there are no reserved lanes.

chief referee click to hear

Official who is responsible for applying the rules; in particular, the chief referee is authorized to disqualify a competitor who commits a fault.