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subway stationclick to hear

Structure and facilities that provide passengers access to the subway.
subway station track subway train tunnel advertising panel station name line map exit turnstile mezzanine entrance turnstile ticket collecting booth stairs exterior sign escalator station entrance safety line platform edge platform subway map bench directional sign footbridge transfer dispensing machine kiosk

track click to hear

Course that consists of parallel electrified rails on which trains roll.

subway train click to hear

Set of cars that is pulled by a motor car and carries passengers.

tunnel click to hear

Underground passageway through which the subway train travels between stations.

advertising panel click to hear

Space rented by a business to place a poster promoting products or services.

station name click to hear

Sign on the platform wall that shows the name of the station so that passengers in the train can see it.

line map click to hear

Chart that shows a train’s route and the stations it serves.

exit turnstile click to hear

Device that allows one user at a time to exit.

mezzanine click to hear

Intermediate level that is accessible by stairs and serves as a landing between the station entrance and the platforms.

entrance turnstile click to hear

Automatic device that allows a user to enter after swiping a pass or inserting a ticket or transfer.

ticket collecting booth click to hear

Kiosk protected by glass where an agent sells tickets and passes, and controls who enters and exits.

stairs click to hear

Structural component that enables movement between levels.

exterior sign click to hear

Sign placed outside the entrance to the subway that makes it visible from afar.

escalator click to hear

Installation that consists of articulated steps on a continuously turning chain; it allows movement between two levels of a building.

station entrance click to hear

Small structure built on a public thoroughfare that provides access to the subway station.

safety line click to hear

Visible or textured line warning passengers of the margin of safety.

platform edge click to hear

Zone along the edge of the platform, usually demarcated by a safety line.

platform click to hear

Area adjacent to the tracks where passengers board and exit trains; it is at the same level as the floor of the trains.

subway map click to hear

Map that shows the entire subway system; each subway line is illustrated in a different color.

bench click to hear

Long narrow unupholstered seat with or without a back, seating several people.

directional sign click to hear

Sign that indicates the terminus of the train arriving at that platform.

footbridge click to hear

Bridge that spans the tracks and provides access to both platforms.

transfer dispensing machine click to hear

Device that dispenses tickets entitling the user to subsequently board another means of transportation linked with the subway system, such as a bus, streetcar or train.

kiosk click to hear

Small store in the halls or the entrance of the station that sells newspapers and refreshments.