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Hubble space telescope [2]click to hear

Telescope placed in orbit above Earth’s atmosphere (370 mi), making it possible to observe the universe as never before.
Hubble space telescope [2] aperture door aft shroud solar panel antenna light shield fine guidance system secondary mirror primary mirror scientific instruments

aperture door click to hear

Panel that opens and closes over the telescope’s optical system.

aft shroud click to hear

Part containing, in particular, a cooling system that protects the scientific instruments.

solar panel click to hear

Power supply device that converts solar energy into immediately usable electrical energy.

antenna click to hear

Conductor that transmits images to Earth by means of a communications satellite.

light shield click to hear

Prevents stray light from entering the telescope.

fine guidance system click to hear

Makes it possible to point and control the telescope with great precision.

secondary mirror click to hear

Mirror that sends light back toward the scientific instruments through a hole in the primary mirror.

primary mirror click to hear

Mirror that reflects the light of celestial bodies, directing it toward the secondary mirror.

scientific instruments click to hear

These include cameras, spectrographs and photometers.