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cooking utensils [5]click to hear

Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.
cooking utensils [5] small saucepan diable sauté pan egg poacher pancake pan frying pan

small saucepan click to hear

Deeper than a frying pan, this utensil is used to simmer or braise dishes.

diable click to hear

Utensil composed of two skillets of porous clay that fit tightly together; it is used for braising food.

sauté pan click to hear

Similar to a frying pan but with a straight edge, used to cook food in fat, over high heat.

egg poacher click to hear

Device used to poach eggs by placing them in indentations in a tray suspended over a hot liquid.

pancake pan click to hear

Round thick-bottomed skillet with a shallow edge that allows a spatula to loosen and flip the pancake.

frying pan click to hear

Utensil used to fry, sauté or brown food.