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Person riding a horse; during a jump, the rider leans toward the horse’s neck with the feet supported by the stirrups.
rider coronet boot girth breastplate riding cap riding crop shin boot saddlecloth stirrup iron riding glove saddle jodhpurs riding jacket

coronet boot click to hear

Usually rubber item of equipment that covers the horse’s hoof to prevent injury.

girth click to hear

Strap around the horse’s belly that keeps the saddle on its back.

breastplate click to hear

Strap around the horse’s chest that prevents the saddle from sliding back.

riding cap click to hear

Reinforced hat that is traditionally covered with black velvet; it protects the rider’s head against impact.

riding crop click to hear

Thin flexible stick that the rider uses to spur on the horse.

shin boot click to hear

Equipment placed around the cannon of the horse’s leg to protect it from injury.

saddlecloth click to hear

Padded part that is placed under the saddle to protect the horse’s back from chafing; it also protects the saddle from the horse’s sweat.

stirrup iron click to hear

Metal ring that hangs from each side of the saddle to support the rider’s feet.

riding glove click to hear

Covering for the hand and wrist that takes the shape of the fingers; it provides a good grip on the reins and protects the hands from chafing.

saddle click to hear

Somewhat curved unit that is made mostly of leather; it is set on the horse’s back for the rider to sit on.

jodhpurs click to hear

Usually light-colored long pants that are very tight over the knees and legs and are kept stretched by foot straps.

riding jacket click to hear

The rider’s long dark-colored jacket; it is usually worn over a white shirt and a white tie.