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mountaineerclick to hear

Person who climbs mountains.
mountaineer ice ax pants legging mountaineering boot spike front point crampon strap ice screw ice piton hammer ax mitten mountaineering shovel piton-carrier carabiner rope helmet lamp chock climbing harness parka knapsack hood helmet

ice ax click to hear

Small ax used by the mountaineer for cutting footholds, judging snow depth, gaining a firm grip in ice or hard-packed snow, etc.

pants click to hear

Waterproof pants that usually extend below the knee.

legging click to hear

Piece of sturdy waterproof fabric that covers the leg.

mountaineering boot click to hear

Sturdy shoe with spikes that is used to advance over snow or ice.

spike click to hear

Pointed object that provides balance and prevents slipping when the mountaineer is moving over snow or ice.

front point click to hear

Each of the front spikes; they are tilted at a 45° angle.

crampon strap click to hear

Strap used to attach spikes to the sole of the shoe.

ice screw click to hear

Threaded metal tube that is screwed into ice or hard-packed snow to help with belaying and advancing.

ice piton click to hear

Metal spike with a blade that is driven into ice or hard-packed snow; it ends in an eye to which a belay rope can be attached using a carabiner.

hammer ax click to hear

Hammer that doubles as an ice ax; it is used to drive in pitons, cut footholds, break ice on the rock face, etc.

mitten click to hear

Covering with a separation only for the thumb, providing better protection against the cold while allowing the wearer to grasp objects.

mountaineering shovel click to hear

Instrument used to dig and remove snow.

piton-carrier click to hear

Metal ring on which pitons are hung.

carabiner click to hear

Metal ring that opens and closes with a spring-loaded gate and that might be equipped with a locking device; it is used to attach rope to a piton, a chock, etc.

rope click to hear

Thin cable with a braided center core that makes it stretchy and strong and a woven sheath that surrounds and protects the core.

helmet lamp click to hear

Lamp that is attached to the helmet so that the mountaineer’s hands remain free.

chock click to hear

Metal device that is inserted into a crack in the rock face and held in place by tension; it is extended by a steel cable to which a carabiner can snap on.

climbing harness click to hear

Accessory connected to the belay rope that consists of a number of straps; it supports the mountaineer’s thighs and pelvis, back and sometimes shoulders.

parka click to hear

Waterproof sports jacket with long sleeves, a drawstring hood and waist and gathered wrists.

knapsack click to hear

Travel or hiking bag that is worn on the back and is used to transport clothing, camping equipment, etc.

hood click to hear

Headgear that covers the head and neck with an opening for the face.

helmet click to hear

Solid piece of equipment to protect the head from falling rocks or impacts with rock or ice.